Sunday, October 2, 2011

HOUR TWENTY-FOUR: It's All Over, Even the Shouting...

The final finishers, and the one who made all the wonderful photos in these posts possible:


Thanks for all you did!

Next year?

And here are the final finishers:

Here's Zane, and his comic, "Power Hunter". Zane's never done a comic before but he finished just the same. Many comics professionals can't say that. We might have sparked an interest he didn't know he had until 24 Hour Comics Day.

Next is Todd, also a noob to 24 Hour Comics Day, but no stranger to sequential art, and his comic that he has yet to find a title for. I have a feeling you'll be able to buy it soon though at our 7000BC table at a convention near you, or maybe one of the local comic shops here in Q-Town or Santa Fe...

Here's Kya, looking very much like the cover of her comic "Insomniac". They say that life imitates art--or is it the other way around? Either way, here's proof...

Here's Jay and his apparently autobiographical comic, "Great Days Truckin' Around the Country Street Freakin' Across the U.S.A." This was Jay's first 24 Hour Comics Day, too. We hope it won't be his last.

And finally, last but  most certainly not least, is Pyrtania and her 24 Hour Comic, "Splintered". She is also new to 24 Hour Comics Day and we hope to see her again, too! 

So that's it, Kids! Another 24 Hour Comics Day in the can.

We want to once again thank all of our fine sponsors, Jeff Benham, Todd Bernardy, and all the folks who put this shindig on, and those who participated.

Most of all, thanks to all you wonderful kids who came out and tried your hands at making a comic. We hope that you continue in our footsteps and become comic creators yourselves, and teach other kids, and on and on. Keep our legacy alive!

Until next year, Kids!

Be Well,

Chuck and the Whole 7000BC Gang!


HOUR TWENTY-THREE: Crossing the Finish Line

Wrapping it up:

Mark finished his comic, "Philliam B. Morris Conquers the Circus". Interesting sidenote about Mark: He's a longtime member and brings his whole family whenever he attends a 7000BC event, even the monthly meetings. It was wonderful watching the family provide moral support for the entire 24 hours.

And from south of the border:
Montserrat finished in time. Here's her final pages:

While from New York City, Deimosa did this:

It's a tale of the Underground Railroad. Hopefully, she'll send me the finished product so I can post it later. Stay tuned...

And Elizabeth offers a .pdf and we'll try to figure a way to post it later.

HOUR TWENTY-ONE and TWO: The Final Raffle!

In which the hard cover edition of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower", autographed by Peter David, who wrote the script, went to Zack. This is Zack's first comic ever!

Joaquin won the final Comic Warehouse $10 Gift Certificate

And the final raffle prize, "Peoplings", went to Kya.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

HOUR TWENTY: Almost at the Home Stretch

Now we're coming around the final turn...

Jackson finished "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" with a mugshot photo montage...

Some folks won another raffle...

Aliina with her $10 Comic Warehouse Gift Certificate.

And Mark with his...

Todd seems to be serious about his $10 Comic Warehouse Gift Certificate.

 Finally, here's Chelsea, who has won the last Kaboom Test Labs t-shirt.

And we had two more finishers, too!

Here's Nathan with his finished copy of "Minions #0-The Job"

And once again (for the past five years) Aliina finished before time ran out. He she is with her comic, "Canon".


Although I fell asleep, thank goodness Tally remained alert and took these photos:

Even this one of me...

Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open? Here's proof!

And the ever diligent Todd, toiling away.

HOUR SIXTEEN: We're Still Here...

And so is Montserrat!

Progress is definitely being made!

And then I fell asleep, but fortunately my ace photographer was still on the job!

HOUR FIFTEEN: Getting Closer...

Montserrat is up to 15 pages.

And the creativity is showing no signs of stopping here, either. The amount of talent in this room is astounding!

See for yourself:

3 a.m. and showing no signs of abating...


But first, we have another finisher: It's Nadia, here with her unconventional comic, "The 24 Trials and Tribulations of Tucker Tortuga". Each page is round and two different sizes. Neat, huh?

And now, some more with the kids:

These kids are amazing, eh? 1:45 in the morning and they're still going!