Saturday, October 1, 2011

HOUR FIVE: Raffle Winners!

Hi Kids!

Another of our sponsors are the wonderful folks at the Kaboom Test Labs, Albuquerque's newest comic shop. They donated vouchers for Kaboom Test Lab t-shirts, and who doesn't love a free t-shirt? They have a facebook page:!/pages/Kaboom-Test-Labs/168760743171716

We had another raffle and here are the lucky winners:

Prytania, whose entry this year is "Splintered", and she won a free t-shirt from Kaboom Test Labs.

Naomi, who won a free comic from the 7000BC vault, "Artichoke", by our own Aliina Lappalainen. Interesting side note: This was Aliina's 24 Hour Comic from last year, now published, and on sale from 7000BC...

Lukina, who won a copy of Jeff Benham and Courtney Angermeier's "Peoplings", also from the 7000BC vault.

Amber, whose comic is still untitled (or maybe the title is "Untitled". Hmmm...) won a Comic Warehouse $10 Gift Certificate. Thanks again to the Comic Warehouse folks for their support!

And finally, at least for this round, Nathan Rackley, whose comic is "Minions #0-The Job". Nathan also won a Comic Warehouse $10 gift certificate.

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