Saturday, October 1, 2011

HOUR TWO: The Wheels are Turning...

Here we are in the second hour and the air is positively burning with creativity.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our fine sponsors, starting with of course, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, who have been gracious enough to let us terrorize their halls for the next 23 hours. We couldn't do it without you MACCS!

Java Joes ( ), 906 Park Ave SW, for donating 10 gallons of coffee, cups, and condiments.

RB Winning Coffee ( ) who were kind enough to donate some delicious cookies and a gallon of half and half, coffee stirrers, and more cups.

Astro-Zombies ( ), one of my favorite comic shops and staunch supporters of 7000BC, for raffle prizes. Did I mention that we are having an ongoing raffle? Well, we are!

The fun never stops here at 24 Hour Comics Day!

Comic Warehouse ( ) who also donated raffle prizes.

THIS JUST IN! We have a winner, just 2 and a half hours in. Brian has completed his 24 hour comic! Brian is 10 years old, and the title of his comic is: "The End of the Red Dragon and a Fisherman Sells the Dragon Skull" which seems to be a pretty telling title for this ten year old's timeless tome.

Here's Brian with his prize for being first, a $10 Gift Certificate from Comic Warehouse. Look at that smile, willya? This kid's a winner!

As we go along, you will get a chance to meet the artists and follow their progress, but for right now I gotta post this thing.

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  1. How adorable are those pictures of Brian! Congratulations! And MACCS Looks like a great venue!